xepient solutions

is the team that

wraps around a problem,

makes it its own,

solves it.

Xepient Solutions has traceable processes, tools and practices that allow us to apply agile methodologies and obtain predictable results.

As a team, we maintain an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our need to innovate.
Xepient Solutions
Xepient Solutions
We are a team of developers, project managers, designers, problem solvers and thinkers, in love with our job.
Our Focus.
We work relentlessly with the objective of making Xepient Solutions the best technology company.

How We Do It.
Xepient is born with the goal of administering all the phases of a project life cycle, so that you may concentrate on what is most important to you: your business.

The Results.
You will find in Xepient's team people that, just like you, want to obtain results without having to settle for minimums.

The basis of our proposition is that we can generate ideas, recognize needs and talent, and with our experience, methodology and drive, help shape products and teams to achieve success.
Xepient Solutions
Xepient Solutions
The problem.
Finding technically competent, motivated individuals that can contribute and create synergies within a team is essential for any successful project and yet it is very hard to achieve.
How we solve it.
Xepient is a team of professionals that have worked together on innumerable projects and build on each other’s strengths, sharing the same values and approach to projects. Our team’s individual contributors not only bring their technical skills to the project, but also well-rounded and diverse backgrounds that provide new perspectives and innovative ways to solve the challenges that each project entails.

We specialize in the development of complex applications utilizing the standards and guidelines of Microsoft and Agile development when applicable. Our team’s experience embraces all technical aspects of web based development with a deep knowledge of technologies like ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC), SQL Server, Ajax, JQuery as well as various frameworks at UI and server layers.

At Xepient, we have direct experience with the challenges that represents the creation of successful products. Not only do we know how to build complex solutions, we also know how to imagine, plan, simplify and maintain them. This unique convergence of skills, vision and market experience, can make us an ideal partner.

A project needing concept development, resource planning and acquisition, project and team management, strategic planning and implementation, would find in Xepient an extended team of accessible and capable professionals that have relevant experience in all of these areas, and know how to apply that knowledge in the real world.
Xepient Solutions
Xepient Solutions
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